"Health & Happiness is beyond the physical. It's a point of view and mental attitude that you have about your self, your life and your relationships."


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A healthy life is a life in balance and so much more than exercising, eating & sleeping well. Let’s explore the connection between our internal and external environments and consciously create a life of passion & purpose. We can learn to be our best-selves and live our best-lives at home, with friends & family, at work and on a global level. It’s possible to feel nourished by environments that feel good to us, and to experience health, wellness and abundance in every area of your life. Let’s explore healthy living from the inside-out!

What do you know about Ecological Gardening?

Posted by: Dr. Tina Morse PsyD, MFT

Topic: Healthy Living

Urban farm

I have always taken good care of myself and have been healthy all my life – so ending up in the hospital was quite unexpected. A month in the hospital (and literally fighting for my life) caused me to think about ways I can take even greater care in loving

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