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Who Has A Perfect Heart?

Posted by: Dr. Tina Morse PsyD, MFT

Topic: Life Dr. ...Fun and Friendship, Spirit


Here’s a loving tale by Andrea Brook. 

One day, a young man comes to the town square and proclaims that he has the most perfect heart. The townspeople gather and say, “Let us see!” So, the young man bares his chest. And there, yes, there is this absolutely beautiful heart. It is a pearlescent pink without even a scratch. And It’s beat is a steady, consistent rhythm. The townspeople all nod and exclaim, “Yes! It is perfect!” But as they all agree, the sound of laughter is heard.  The laugh gets louder and more boisterous, and the townspeople begin to look around.

An old man is standing, doubled over with mirth, slapping his knee, eyes twinkling with tears. The young man, perplexed, asks the old man what he finds so funny. And the old man says, “Your heart is not perfect. Far from it! Now my heart, well, my heart is more perfect than yours.” So, the townspeople and young man say, ”Let us see!” The old man bares his chest, and his heart is a jumble of different shades of pink and red, there are empty holes with roughly torn edges, and pieces shoved in that do not fit, and each piece is beating to it’s own rhythm.

The young man says, “How can you possibly say your heart is more perfect than mine?” And the old man nods and says, “It is true that your heart is more perfect looking. But each of the places where a piece of my heart has been torn out are all the times that I have loved and willingly given my love to another. And each of these pieces that you see placed in my heart, are all of the times that I have been given the precious gift of love. And the empty holes, well the empty holes are even more precious, for I gave my love unconditionally, understanding and accepting that it could not be returned and holding a space for them always.”

The townspeople stand silently looking at his scarred and multi-rhythmic heart and begin to nod. They look around and see their family, friends, lovers, past and present, and smile to each other with there hands on their own hearts, until finally they join hands with a loved one and walk away together.

Only the young man and the old man remain standing in the town square, the old man smiling and reflecting joyfully on all the love that he has shared, and the young man standing silently, alone. The young man looks down to his scar-less, pink heart and smiles, tearing a piece from it and offering it lovingly to the old man.

Learn more about Andrea Brook on YogaGirl.com  

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