"Health & Happiness is beyond the physical. It's a point of view and mental attitude that you have about your self, your life and your relationships."


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Life on the Spiritual Level

When we explore the deeper connection between our internal and external environments, we become more conscious of our own power, our personal responsibility and how our lives are improved by acting with intention. Karma, conscious living, and the bond to spirit, the collective unconscious and a higher power. It’s an energy and it’s POSITIVE!

Let’s Be Sensitive to the FACTS!

Posted by: Dr. Tina Morse PsyD, MFT

Topic: Mind, Spirit

“It’s important to understand that mental illness is an injury to how the brain functions. It has just as much to do with what the person come’s into the world with (genetically), as well as the environment they grow up in, …and NEVER simply who the person has become.” ~

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A Recipe for the Heart

Posted by: Dr. Tina Morse PsyD, MFT

Topic: Spirit


Agapi radiates warmth and makes you feel special from the moment you meet her.  I love hearing about the ways her mother has touched her heart and what she has learned from her. She was very fortunate to have had such a wonderful role model.

My mother used to say,

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Who Has A Perfect Heart?

Posted by: Dr. Tina Morse PsyD, MFT

Topic: Life Dr. ...Fun and Friendship, Spirit


Here’s a loving tale by Andrea Brook. 

One day, a young man comes to the town square and proclaims that he has the most perfect heart. The townspeople gather and say, “Let us see!” So, the young man bares his chest. And there, yes, there is this absolutely beautiful heart.

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Instead of Counting Sheep …try this!

Posted by: Dr. Tina Morse PsyD, MFT

Topic: Life Tips, Spirit

Senior couple sleeping

Photo: Life Dr. ®

LIFE-TIP:  “Journal what you are grateful for before you go to sleep …one thing or a list of things helps you go to sleep on a POSITIVE note!”

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Be A Part of the Solution …and THRIVE!

Posted by: Dr. Tina Morse PsyD, MFT

Topic: Life Dr. TV & Radio, Spirit

Learn about the “hidden-code” and universal answers that are embeded in nature and art.  The central bank, …and who’s really in charge of our energy, food supply, education, health care and virtually every aspect of our lives.

Are you bold enough to stand-in the wisdom of your own personal power?  

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Do you Know What’s in that Halloween Candy?

Posted by: Dr. Tina Morse PsyD, MFT

Topic: Life News & Events, Spirit


1)  Did you know that slavery still exists and there are often large ‘U.S. corporations’ that own fields of crops in other countries that are behind this?

2)  Children are sometimes ‘chosen by their parents’ to be sold into slavery for working in the fields to help produce everyday products

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"It has been my pleasure to work as a colleague of Tina Morse. Among the strengths that I have consistently observed while working with Tina (in treatment team), is her ability to balance rapid assessment of the problem to the formulation and implementation of the treatment plan, while maintaining the ability to be an empathetic and sensitive listener. Tina intuitively understands what the client struggles with in terms of family of origin issues, current stressors, emotional states, social networks, physical health, coping skills, and interpersonal conflict. I recommend her without reservation.”

~ Catherine Pechnick, M.S.W., Department of Psychiatry – Cedars-Sinai Hospital

“Divorce can be very painful and it can lower your self-esteem.  Tina helped me believe in myself again and is teaching me how to take better care of myself.  Now I am dating and creating a dream life that I would have never have thought possible.  Tina walks the talk and is a wealth of information.”

~ Kathy

“She’s insightful, supportive, encouraging, motivating, and helpful.”

~ Tracey

Dear Tina,  “Thanks for counseling me.  I feel that you were there for me and genuinely interested in what I had to say.  I got to levels that I hadn’t gotten to before and I really appreciate that.  You have a very loving presence and it made it easier for me.”

~ Brent

“Thank you ever so much for your support and encouragement.  My life as a writer, is moving forward in a brighter light.  You continue to inspire my life and heart.”

~ Jen

"We are all capable of being teachers, healers and ministers.  Tina Morse’s brilliant website LifeDr.com helps on the journey.  It is filled with hope and inspiration just like her.”

~ Michael Levine, Best-Selling Author


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