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Everything food! Recipes-for-life, meal planning and preparation, urban gardening, farm-to-table, life-enhancing seasonal foods. The science of healthy whole foods and their nutritional benefits, using food-as-medicine and a bit of history, the use of supplements, greens, natural, organic, wild, grass-fed, raw and more!

Not-So-Sweet Facts About Sugar!

Posted by: Dr. Tina Morse PsyD, MFT

Topic: Life Support, Natural Gourmet & Nutrition


This visual speaks for itself! The thought of so much sugar made me think of a childhood memory from back in the day. Were you ever given that sandwich that consisted of butter smeared on two pieces of white bread with a thick layer of sugar in between? Biting into

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Exclusive Sneak Peek! …

Posted by: Dr. Tina Morse PsyD, MFT

Topic: Life Dr. ...Fun and Friendship, Natural Gourmet & Nutrition


One of my favorite chefs has a new cookbook coming out in a few months. Melissa Costello helped my daughter and in the kitchen before I became a certified chef myself! She is the personal chef to star-fitness-guru and creator of P90X – Tony Horton; as well as consistently featured

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A Former Heart Surgeon Confesses …

Posted by: Dr. Tina Morse PsyD, MFT

Topic: Body, Healthy Living, Natural Gourmet & Nutrition

Coconut Oil has Outstanding Health Benefits

Posted by: Dr. Tina Morse PsyD, MFT

Topic: Life Dr. TV & Radio, Natural Gourmet & Nutrition

It is a myth that all saturated fats are unhealthy! Coconut oil is chemically comprised of medium chain fatty acids or triglycerides that help stimulate your metabolism and enhance physical performance. It’s well documented to support a healthy thyroid function and heart, as well.

The Ketones found in non-hydrogenated coconut

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Non-Alcoholic Delights & other Options

Posted by: Dr. Tina Morse PsyD, MFT

Topic: Life Support, Natural Gourmet & Nutrition


Photo: BlenderGirl.com

I hope you saw my recent news post on alcohol causing cancer. The research is clear, women do not have the ability to digest alcohol in the same way men do. We are getting cancer in various forms (from mouth to stomach) through consuming alcohol. Want to arm

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Fresh Nut Milk …sweetened with dates

Posted by: Dr. Tina Morse PsyD, MFT

Topic: Natural Gourmet & Nutrition


Photo: Life Dr. ®

Yesterday, I taught a client of mine to make this delicious treat. She was very impressed with how simple it was, and couldn’t wait to make it again on her own.

Enjoy the recipe…

Tina Morse


Fresh nut milk



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~ Catherine Pechnick, M.S.W., Department of Psychiatry – Cedars-Sinai Hospital

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~ Michael Levine, Best-Selling Author


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